How is the apartment furnished?
An apartment in our house includes the following furnishings and amenities:

  • Large bed with slatted frame and mattress
  • Open clothing rail system with shelves
  • Dresser with drawers
  • Desk with designer chair
  • High-speed internet
  • Kitchenette:
    –  Stove (Ceramic cooktop, Ø 14.5 cm and Ø 18 cm) with oven
    –  Refrigerator with freezer
  • Bathroom: Glass shower stall, high-quality designer sink and toilet
  • Ceiling lights
  • Smoke alarm
  • Parquet floor with underfloor heating
  • Electric window blinds
  • Doorbell system with intercom

What should I bring when I move in? 
The well planned layout of our apartments was developed by an interior designer with the aim of providing you with a pleasant, attractive and space-saving living are without sacrificing any comforts. This is why we rent our apartments completely furnished. What you will need to bring are the following: dishes, utensils, cooking pots and everything that you would like to have on hand in the kitchen. You will also need a bedcover, pillow, bedlinens, towels, bathroom accessories and of course, your personal things that make you feel good and make your apartment into a home. With your technical device – a notebook or tablet – in your luggage, you will be ready to get started via high-speed internet. Living can be really easy.

May I change or rearrange the furnishings?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own furniture with you – your home is your castle! What’s important to know is: the existing furniture may not be removed. Mountings for pictures or posters must be attached in such a way that they can be easily removed without leaving marks. Unfortunately, wall mountings for your own furniture – for example, for wall racks or shelves – are not permitted.

Are pets allowed?
Out of consideration for the different needs of all the people who live in our house, we unfortunately cannot allow animals in the apartments.

Can I have overnight visitors?
Of course you can have visitors, and they can also stay overnight – as long as it occurs on an occasional basis. A guest who stays for two nights is fine. However, if your visitor wants to stay longer, we ask you to please obtain written permission from our management in advance.

Are there spaces that everyone can use?
Yes, in the spacious lounge on the ground floor of our building, you can get together with other friendly people from our house community, do homework or study together. You can talk about everything in the world or simply sit together and relax. Unfortunately, the lounge is not available as a party location.

Where can I do my laundry?

You can do both your washing and drying in our communally used smart laundromat. It’s very simple and straightforward using appwash.com. We will explain the conditions and prices for using the machines when you move in.

Who can rent an apartment at Maxtormauer Student Apartments?
We offer apartments for students and trainees. Our studio apartments (available in two different sizes) are designed and furnished for single occupancy; therefore we only rent them to single individuals.

Is there a limit to the lease period?

The rental period corresponds to the duration of a period of study or training. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any lease periods of less than 6 months. As far as the maximum rental period is concerned, this is limited to 10 semesters. In this way, we hope to give as many Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Degree students as possible the opportunity to live in our student residence – and in doing so, offer fair and equal chances to all applicants by means of a rotation principle. The rental agreement may be terminated with three months’ notice at the end of either the summer or the winter semester.

How can I rent an apartment?
After you have clicked the “apply now” button on our website to submit your application, we will respond to you via e-mail. As soon as an apartment is available, we will set up a personal appointment with you to view the premises.
At that time we will go over all the relevant details and answer any other questions you might have: feel free to pester us with anything that’s on your mind! When everyone feels happy about everything, we will give you the rental agreement or send it to you via e-mail. In order to rent an apartment you must also provide a security deposit in the amount of 3 months’ rent, to be transferred to us at the time you sign the rental agreement. Then almost nothing more will stand in the way of your happiness… except: check your documents!

What documents do I need to provide for the conclusion of the rental agreement?

  • The completed rental agreement
  • Proof of your status as a student or trainee in the form of 
–  a certificate of enrollment or registration or
–  an apprenticeship contract
  • a copy of your identity card (or passport)

How does the rental relationship ultimately take effect?
To complete the process, you must send the signed rental agreement and all of the required documents to us in a timely manner (within five days). Please note that all of the documents listed above must also be complete, and nothing may be missing. The agreement will then be checked and countersigned by us and sent back to you. As soon as you have transferred the security deposit to us and you have the countersigned rental agreement in your hands, tatatataaa… you are very welcome to join us as a tenant! Now you are ready to move in.

And don’t forget one more thing you should have on your to-do list as a “newbie”: to register your new address at the Residential Registry Office of the city of Nuremberg. You can find all the information at einwohneramt.nuernberg.de.

What does “all-inclusive” rent mean?

At Maxtormauer Student Apartments you pay a fixed rental price – in other words, without extra costs. All of the normal operating and usage costs such as electricity, water, heating, internet, etc. are covered in the all-inclusive rental price: you will not be billed separately for these services. Note: radio and television license fees are not included in the rental price and must be paid separately. You can find more information for students at rundfunkbeitrag.de.

What payments do I have to make before I move in?
At least one week before the start of your rental period, the following must be paid into our account: the first month’s rent and the abovementioned security deposit, which forms an integral part of the rental contract. For the monthly rent, you should then set up a standing order with payment to be made at the beginning of each month. Our bank details can be found in the rental agreement.

How and when should I pay my security deposit?
The bank details for transferring your security deposit can be found in the rental agreement; the deposit comprises the sum of 3 months’ rent. This payment must be received on our account at least one week before the handover of the apartment. Important: handover of the apartment can only take place once the security deposit has been paid in full. It may not be paid in the form of a deposit guarantee or bonding insurance. It must be transferred before the start of the rental period.

Can I rent an apartment even if I am underage?
Of course – you, too, are very welcome to join us as a tenant. In this case, however, for legal reasons we will conclude the rental agreement with one of your parents or legal guardians. Then you can get started in your new life!